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Parking Correctly

We’ve all been there: slowly crawling past potential parking spaces only to grow more frustrated to find drivers who have abandoned their cars, parked outside the lines, or taken up two or even three parking spaces! When you’re in a hurry, this is even more annoying, causing unnecessary inconvenience.

So, what are the problems around incorrect bay parking, and how can we resolve them?

Why Do We Have Allocated Parking Bays?

Proper parking is essential for ensuring the smooth flow of traffic and preventing difficulty for other drivers. Allocating sections for parking maximises your space, allows more customers to park up, and therefore drives more sales into local establishments. It also provides a nicer experience for visitors and protects vehicles by ensuring they’re left in a safe place without causing any blockages.

What’s considered as ‘incorrect’ parking?

For car park managers and drivers, it is incredibly annoying when parking regulations are abused by those who feel the rules don’t apply to them. As a parking managing company, our clients have highlighted two main pain points from incorrect parking:

1. Impacting accessibility

One major issue is non-blue badge holders parking in designated disability parking spaces. Blue Badge Holders often rely on these spaces as they provide extra room for wheelchairs, etc. They are also closer to buildings, helping those with limited mobility. Although parking in an accessible parking spot is not illegal, it causes a lot of upset and deprives those who actually need it.

2. Greedy parkers

Another common problem is drivers taking up more than one parking space. This is when a driver parks across two single-bay spaces instead of one. There may be reasons why people park this way: bad drivers, lack of consideration, or fear of their vehicle being hit by neighbouring vehicles. However, not staying between the lines takes up space for someone else, annoying customers or visitors and potentially stopping them from revisiting your establishment.

Proper parking not only helps to prevent inconvenience to other drivers but also ensures the safety of pedestrians, especially those with mobility issues. Furthermore, following the rules and parking in the correct areas keeps traffic flowing smoothly, reducing the likelihood of congestion and delays.

The Benefits of Parking Bays

When designed effectively and used correctly by drivers, parking bays provide several advantages, including:

Removing inconvenience and frustrations

Enforcing proper parking in allocated bays means everyone parks where they should and provides adequate room for multiple vehicles — ultimately delivering a better experience for all.

Driving more custom

When everyone parks correctly, you free up more spaces for more customers — essentially encouraging them to shop within your establishment and return for another visit. A lousy parking experience could put them off and whoever else they tell.

Ensuring safety for other road users

Dedicated parking spaces keep vehicles contained so other vehicles, pedestrians and those using mobility scooters can safely move around them. It also provides a safe entry and exit system for vehicles, reducing any potential hazards.

Minimising congestion

A well-planned parking lot helps control the flow of traffic. Not only does this increase safety, but one-way systems also offer a fair parking solution. Along with allocated parking bays, you can include parking notifications to indicate where space is available to drivers. Again, this alleviates traffic and provides an improved experience.

Wise Parking’s Parking Management Solution

At Wise Parking, we believe correctly managed parking spaces can benefit everyone. We offer our clients multiple parking management systems, such as:

In addition to the above services, Wise Parking encourages drivers to educate themselves on proper parking practices by being aware of parking signs and information, being mindful of other drivers and considering alternatives, including carpooling, using public transport or cycling where possible to reduce the stress on car parks.

By following parking rules, we can all ensure the safety of road and non-road users and ease traffic flow. Removing unwanted stress, anxiety and inconvenience when it comes to poor parking.

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