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Here at Wise Parking, we work in partnership with major technology providers to deliver you with the best cameras, payment machines, apps, and handhelds.

Running an effective, modern car park, can require numerous payment methods and apps, kiosks for whitelisting, ANPR cameras, man on ground attendants and pay stations.

We have done the research and testing to find the best available which can be deployed in a sensitive manner, that is right for your needs.

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Your Better Choice

Wise Parking are the right partner to help control your land and ensure it is always used as you want!

Here are a few of the many reasons you should consider, Wise Parking as your management and enforcement provider:

Contact us today to see how we can help your land work for you.

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Why Wise Parking is the Wise Choice

  • We support and achieve your parking goals
  • Experts in successful car park management
  • Effective car park management across the UK
  • Parking services and solutions for any sized site
  • Optimising the latest parking technology
  • A personable and friendly team on hand to help

Finding the right
solution for you

Offering a wide range of options for your parking enforcement and management, contact us today to find out all of your options:


Automatic Number Plate Recognition involves cameras and smart technology to read and record number plates as vehicles enter your land. ANPR can be installed in any sized car park to provide accurate information for motorists and owners.

Solar ANPR

A greener approach to Automatic Number Plate Recognition and car park management. This parking technology operates via solar panels to reliably scan and log vehicle number plates that enter your car park.

Temporary Solar ANPR

Temporary Solar ANPR is the perfect solution for effective parking management at events or for temporary use. It offers the same benefits as ANPR cameras but uses solar power and a movable platform to provide an effective parking management method.

Pay and Display

A traditional yet reliable parking management solution. Pay and display machines are the most common way of paying for parking; they’re simple to use, easy to maintain and offer a cost-effective solution with a high ROI for owners.

Parking Signage

All car park owners and users benefit from clear signage, either solo or alongside another enforcement methods. Parking signs play an essential role in laying out the terms and conditions of your facilities to ensure they are used correctly.


A manned car park can be a helpful and friendly approach to car park management. As well as monitoring spaces, they guide people with directions and correct parking. They can work on their own or alongside another parking solution.

Self Enforcement

Self-enforcement is a flexible approach to the management of a car park. You and your team have complete control over how your facilities are run and the issuing of parking charge notices on your site.

CCTV Parking Enforcement

CCTV is an essential part of car park management and security. Visible CCTV on site will help deter theft and vandalism, reassuring your visitors their vehicles are safe on your land. It also provides evidence for issuing parking charges.

Blonde haired woman EV charging in UK car park

Revenue Generating Funded EV Chargers

Fully-funded and revenue-generating, our EV charger options help meet ESG business targets whilst making parking facilities profitable for owners and attractive to users.

When it comes to EV chargers in public and private car parks, Wise Parking takes care of everything, from surveys and installation to management, maintenance and enforcement charges.

Our fully-funded EV chargers are the perfect and stress-free addition to any car park to protect your future success.

EV Charger Options

Who we work with

Proud to be assisting companies and organisations including Hospitality, NHS, Health and Leisure, Residential areas, Industrial Estates, Retail Parking and all other Private land.

Contact us today to find out how we can ease your parking pain points.

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Wise Parking, you are very reasonable when dealing with the some of our more sensitive cases.

Car Park Manager

Put wrong letter in number plate recognition. Swift response from team confirming no penalty notice sent. Great Service and prompt response.

Car Park User

Stuart and his Team are our preferred providers for all our Car Park Management Solutions. More than happy to endorse their testimonial as it is a very true reflection of their service delivery to us.

Nick – Commercial Director

Having worked with several Parking company’s we have always struggled to find the correct fit for our site needs. Wise Parking were able to provide a tailored solution for the site and have always been available to discuss any issues or changes required. A professional solution to an individual parking scheme requirement.

Danny – Estate Manager

Thank you very much for cancelling the parking charge notice ‘PCN’ as an act of good will – which is much appreciated, as is the time you took to consider my appeal.

Car Park user – Handwritten Letter

Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly. Also, massive thank you for your amazing customer service in sorting this for me today.

Car Park User – Email

About Wise Parking

Founded in 2021, founder Stuart Cole wanted to make parking management easy, flexible, and affordable for landowners.

Supporting car parks nationwide, our friendly team uses the latest parking technology and services to create seamless parking experiences for clients and users with a guaranteed high return on investment.

Based in the Midlands, we’re excited to partner with car park owners of any size to enhance and add value to your long-term parking solutions – making Wise Parking your better choice.

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If you have any further questions regarding our services, or wish to discuss how we can make your land work for you, please do not hesitate to contact us.