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Funded EV Chargers

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Future-proofing Your Car Parks with EV

With a growing demand for EV chargers across the UK, there is no better time to invest in your parking facilities.

Public and private car parks are rapidly dedicating parking bays to EV charging to create convenient customer experiences. In return for a more profitable and attractive parking facility, with long-term results.

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EV Charging Services

Our EV charger specialists take care of everything, from EV charger installation to management, maintenance, and customer support.

We offer a range of EV charging solutions for car parks of all sizes, turning parking spaces into charging spaces. Not sure which is the best EV charger for your parking facilities?

Let’s discuss which option is right for you.

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Commercial EV Charging Costs

There are multiple methods for funding your EV charging project. One option is for Wise Parking to cover all or part of the investment cost, with the Net revenue being shared depending on your chosen payment model.

With three profitable options, Wise Parking ensures your EV chargers work effectively for a stress-free solution.

Our EV Charging Funding Options

Fully Funded EV

  • No EV infrastructure costs
  • Turnkey solution
  • New revenue share
  • Charge point operator services

An ideal solution for businesses, local authorities, and landowners seeking to offer public EV charging and generate revenue without making any investment.

Joint Venture

  • Shared investment
  • OZEV grant access
  • Net revenue share
  • Charge point operator services

Designed for businesses, local authorities, and landowners seeking to offer public EV charging with reduced upfront costs while generating shared revenue.

EV Charging as a Service

  • No upfront EV infrastructure costs
  • Turnkey solution
  • Fixed monthly fee
  • Charge point operator services

Perfect for businesses that want to provide EV charging and do not seek to generate or share revenue. Choose the level of investment and fix a monthly fee.

Bringing the power of EV charging to everyone!

EV Charging FAQs

What are EV Chargers?

EV chargers are charging devices often found in private and public car parks, business car parks or domestic driveways.

Electric and hybrid vehicles plug into the EV charger to keep their batteries topped up.

Read more about EV chargers HERE.

How does EV Charging work?

EV chargers are individual units that pull electrical currents from an outlet or the grid they are connected to and charge the vehicle they are plugged into with electricity.

Just like you would charge your phone.

What are rapid EV Chargers?

Raid EV Chargers have the same setup as EV Chargers but are more powerful and can recharge vehicles quicker.

Rapid chargers are DC-powered, with units starting at 50kW and reaching 350kW.

How long does it take to install EV Chargers?

The type and number of EV chargers required; changes the amount of time it takes to complete an installation.

We do our best to follow the timeline that our client requires, while completing the job in an effective and timely manner.

To find out more specific information for your site, please contact us on

How many EV Chargers do I need?

The number of EV Chargers required for your car park depends on the size of your parking facility, customer requirements and sustainability mission.

We can discuss these options to ensure you’re offering adequate parking options for all vehicles and motorists.

About Wise Parking

Founded in 2021, founder Stuart Cole wanted to make parking management easy, flexible, and affordable for landowners.

Supporting car parks nationwide, our friendly team uses the latest parking technology and services to create seamless parking experiences for clients and users with a guaranteed high return on investment.

Based in the Midlands, we’re excited to partner with car park owners of any size to enhance and add value to your long-term parking solutions – making Wise Parking your better choice.

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