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Parking Solutions FAQs

Car Parking Solutions Frequently Asked Questions

What are EV chargers?

EV chargers are charging devices often found in private and public car parks, business car parks or domestic driveways.

Electric and hybrid vehicles plug into the EV charger to keep their batteries topped up.

How long does it take to install an EV Charger?

The type and number of EV chargers required; changes the amount of time it takes to complete an installation.

We do our best to follow the timeline that our client requires, while completing the job in an effective and timely manner.

To find out more specific information for your site, please contact us on

Why should we use CCTV on our site?

CCTV is a great choice for parking enforcement as it offers 24/7 protection to your site. It Is also a deterrent to vandalism and theft.

Our engineer will come to site to install the machine and then our teamwork behind the scenes to effectively manage the car park.

Start protecting your car park with a free CCTV consultation.

What does ANPR stand for?

ANPR stands for ‘Automatic Number Plate Recognition’

Does ANPR and CCTV work in the same way?

The simple answer is no, they are both able to be used 24/7 in a parking enforcement environment however they do differ in the way they work.

ANPR on our sites picks up the vehicle number plate as they enter and leave a car park.

Whereas CCTV can monitor how long vehicles are parked on-site or if they have parked following the terms and conditions of the car park.

ANPR, automatically captures and stores the number plate, while we would manually go through the CCTV footage in the office.

About Wise Parking

Founded in 2021, founder Stuart Cole wanted to make parking management easy, flexible, and affordable for landowners.

Supporting car parks nationwide, our friendly team uses the latest parking technology and services to create seamless parking experiences for clients and users with a guaranteed high return on investment.

Based in the Midlands, we’re excited to partner with car park owners of any size to enhance and add value to your long-term parking solutions – making Wise Parking your better choice.

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